Anissina von Karbelnikoff (anissina_vk) wrote,
Anissina von Karbelnikoff

Ah, Monday's picnic with Günter was very relaxing. And very much needed after everyone else abandoned me took their trip.

[It is always sad for me speak about my feelings, for two reasons. The first is that nobody seems to realize that I have them; the second is that no matter what they are, I will never, ever act upon them.

Around me, I see everyone, happy with their situations; A loves B, and even though B does not return his feelings, A is content in his situation. C also loves B, and will not give up even though A also loves B, or even though he has a thing for D.

...alright, I suppose that lately, they're not all happy, but they've all got someone who they're existing for.

I, Anissina, am the X. I do not even consider acting on my feelings, or admitting them- because that would disrupt order...

And it would also result in me getting hurt. After taking the pain passively for years, and burying it away within myself, I am not about to change my ways and have my heart openly broken.

So I'll watch from afar, wanting what I can never have.]

I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.
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You didn't want to come with us. Trust me.
While I understand that something went wrong, I would still have preferred to come along rather than be left alone.
You will not be alone for long. I am returning tomorrow.
Oh, yes, and I'm certain that we'll have immense amounts of time to spend together after you're done getting owned dueling with Günter.
Your confidence in me is overwhelming.
It's just my personal opinion on who would win a duel, given the circumstances that it seems to be centered around.
I truly appriciate your opinion on this.
I'm sure that you do. It's all foolish anyway.
What would you have me do? Disgrace myself?
I'd have the two of you listen to everyone who seems to be telling you that there isn't anything for you to be fighting over -anyway-, and stop this. Or else I'd have you listen to your ruler, who I know has told you not to fight with Günter. Or do his orders not apply to you anymore?
... You're not making me feel any better about this.
Why would I be trying to?
Well? Am I supposed to encourage the idiocy?