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The mind of an inventor! [entries|friends|calendar]
Anissina von Karbelnikoff

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[01 Jun 2006|06:18pm]

I leave, and the country falls apart.

...well, I suppose it didn't fall apart. And it's not because I left, that would be a bit too pompous of me to say.

Gwendal. I need to see you. As soon as possible.

I'm working on a new invention, and therefore I need to see Greta as well, as she is my apprentice and fellow genius type.

I expect you both to drop by my room at random. Soon. ^_^ Or send a messenger to my room at random. This invention is too important to leave to go looking for people!

...though, Gwendal, if I don't see you within twelve hours or so, I will come looking.
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[07 May 2006|02:52pm]
[ mood | disrespected. ]

You know, I..

..forget about my last post.

I believe that I have been put in my place. My opinion hasn't changed, but I'm not going to speak about it any longer, nor am I going to attempt to push my beliefs onto others.

Greta came to see me today, and we visited Yozak...seeing Yukito has stirred some feelings in me that I wish would have kept themselves dormant.

Private.Collapse )

I think that I should follow the other recent trend, and just leave for a time.

...yes, I believe I will.

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[05 May 2006|03:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I am aware that nobody wants to hear my opinion on all this and that people will probably respond with things like "I'm coming to find and kill you", but here it is anyway.

This marriage business is foolish. Yes, sure, you know what, all of you just GET MARRIED. All of a sudden everyone has someone, and everyone in this castle is in love and wanting to get married. WHY. What has spurred all of this on?

Can there not be RELATIONSHIPS without the topic of MARRIAGE coming up?

I'm perfectly aware of how long the two new HOT COUPLES have been together, and in my opinion again, not that anyone wants to hear it that isn't a long enough time to decide that you want to be married.

I am not leaving this room for anything. The amount of LOVE that's going around is making me want to be SICK. And it's not because I don't have it, either. Really.

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[01 May 2006|08:59am]
[ mood | busy ]

Oh my.

Some things seem to be Very Not Right here.

I think that I am going to stay in my room forever and ever and invent and stop interacting with people. I don't know what to think of anyone, how to behave around Günter or Gwendal and I'm CERTAINLY not sure how to approach Celi, because what can I really expect...

The relationships here are driving me crazy, which I haven't mentioned here before. Conrad and Yozak got married, and I suppose that Günter and Gwendal are...sort of an item, but I can't see Gwendal really being with Günter, so I don't know...and Wolfram and Geika...and Heika and his BROTHER and the relationship dynamics in this palace are so skewed that even THINKING about them makes my head hurt.

The positive and negative energies are not balancing out, because every time one person does something to make themselves happy, someone else is hurt. It's making me feel exhausted all of the time, because aside from the fact that I can sense all of this crazy energy, the maids keep telling me everything that's going on. Including oversharing. Yes, I know that Heika's bed was on fire, I know who set that fire, and I know why he set that fire. I also know the events preceding the fire. More. Than I ever. Wanted. To. Know.

Those maids are ridiculously sneaky. It frightens me. They're more ninja than Yozak is.

At least concentrating on everybody else's problems distracts me from my own. So, I suppose everyone should go on with their lives and have problems so that I won't pay attention to mine.

Yes. My logic is flawless.

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[24 Apr 2006|09:13pm]
[ mood | naughty ]


I feel better now.

Well, I can't really feel better about everything completely. That will take time. However, a large part of me is rather happy right now.

And satisfied.

I think that I have been inspired to do some inventing. So if I am holed up in my room, that will be why and it will not be because I am sick or because I am busy with a certain attractive blonde.

Yes. I'm going to do some inventing right now, in fact. If anyone needs me, be sure to knock before entering.

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[18 Apr 2006|02:54pm]

I was sick for a few days...more than a few, I suppose.

Nobody came to check on me. NOBODY LOVES ANISSINA.

But I'm back now. So I will be bothering you all at some point.

Quite literally, nobody loves Anissina. Or the one who I desired love from doesn't, anyway, and that's really what matters, isn't it.

...well, really, what did I expect.

I need some fun. Suggestions?
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[26 Mar 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm really...not sure...what made me finally come out and say what I did. I'm also not sure why I never said it before. It makes me wonder if perhaps I am a coward, and not as strong-willed as I like to make myself seem.

Perhaps I was afraid of being hurt- and who's to say where things will lead, anyway? I...confessed...and he seemed shocked, and...excuses were made, and we parted. How am I to know how he feels...how am I to know if I've done the right thing? What if I've ruined our friendship because I couldn't be content with just that from him, what if he doesn't want to be around me anymore? I don't know what to do, aside from drown myself in my work and escape my thoughts about this.

[Filtered for Günter]
I need to talk to you.

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[18 Mar 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Everyone else was doing it...

Amorous Nocturnal Individual Supplying Stimulation and Intense, Naughty Affection

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[09 Mar 2006|12:17am]
[ mood | anxious. actually, going out of my mind with worry. ]

Details. NOW.

I know that the stupid foolish completely ridiculous duel took place. NOW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED.

Gwendal, why are you apologizing to Günter? What happened?

I should really make myself some tea, before I start stalking around, looking for someone who will explain to me what went ON.

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[08 Mar 2006|12:34am]
Ah, Monday's picnic with Günter was very relaxing. And very much needed after everyone else abandoned me took their trip.

PrivateCollapse )

I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.
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[03 Mar 2006|04:53pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Today has been...uneventful.

...HA! As if my days are ever uneventful! Even if everyone else LEFT ME BEHIND when they went off to the temple [and I'm sure that was unintentional, anyway. If I find out that it wasn't, heads will roll]!

By "everyone else", I really mean everyone...but Günter.

He is still here somewhere. I haven't found him yet, but I will! I have a new experiment to try out, and he is the perfect test subject. >3

Well, he really is. This invention's workings involve a large amount of prodding, and Günter is a wonderful person to prod.

In fact, I think I'll go looking for him right now. >D

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